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The Scottish Longhouse plans we offer in the Collingwood, ON area come with open floor plans to encourage family gatherings with a contemporary, minimalist design.

Built for the purpose of shear practicality, Scottish Longhouses have dotted the landscapes of Northern Europe and the Highlands of Scotland for hundreds of years. Traditionally, these homes consist of a single-story timber structure, a thatched roof of grass, and earth floors.

Today, modern Scottish Longhouses boast the same practicality, but with modern flair. At Scot-Build Developments Inc., one of the key features of our Scottish Longhouse plans is that they come with large expanses of windows to let natural light in. The Scottish Longhouse plans we offer also come with open floor plans to encourage family gatherings with a contemporary, minimalist design

If you are interested in building a new home in the Collingwood, Ontario area, we want you to consider letting us build you a Scottish Longhouse. We offer many flexible interior designs, including the Lewis, Lewis II, Arran, Bothy, and Westray, to accommodate your needs and plans and help you maintain the efficiency of your household throughout the year.

Please keep in mind that while we offer several stunning Scottish Longhouse plans, we also are open to whatever your needs are. We will work collaboratively with you to come up with an overall design for your Scottish Longhouse that meets your exact needs not only at present, but in the future.

At Scot-Build, building is simply what we do best. To find out more about our Scottish Longhouse plans and what our signature building process entails, please give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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